Various Artists “Desert Space”

Frans de Waard/Vital Weekly #577

No doubt the target for this compilation is not me. With sheer endless amounts of music delivered to the HQ, it's slightly an impossible task to go through three CDRs, filled to the top with music - that is some 350 minutes of music. If I understood correctly, there is a sort of thematic approach to this music: desert. An empty place, arabic but also the site for atom bomb testing. A theme with many approaches possible, although the emphasis seem to lie in the ambient approach, most of the times, but occasionally also noise based. I put on these CDRs one after each other, picked up a big book and started reading, while playing these musics in the background (I know, it should not be done that way), without caring too much as to whose track is what here. Occasionally I raised an eyebrow when things were a bit abrasive, but that was only very occasionally. Most of the time this was a pleasant trip through vast empty music. The track listing reads as a who's who in the field of CDR business. To many names to name all, but included are Aidan Baker, OOPHOI, NETHERWORLD, TESENDALO, FEU FOLLET, ATROX, CRIA CUERVOS and loads of people I never heard of. Much like the big box cassette compilations of the 80s (see 'Thee Book' or 'Sex & Bestiality'), this is quite an useful overview of some of the more interesting underground artists of today. Quite an achievement.