Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae “Nearby Being”

TekNoir/Gothtronic zine

On «Nearby Being», made by two Russian producers, you will hear ritual ambient drones that take you as a listener in a trance and on a journey deep into your unconscious. This effect is reached with the use of singing bowls, bells, cowbells, clamshells, wooden sticks, Tibetan instruments and all sorts of handmade effects. The CD has 3 lengthy and powerful compositions with intriguing deep layered drones and slowly moving patterns, that unnoticed take you past many layers in sound to a world in which terms like time and space play a less important part. After listening to this record the listener really has to get himself away from the music before you are completely alert again. This music is comparable to that of ALIO DIE and TROUM. The album «Nearby Being» has been released in a luxury digisleeve packaging and there are only 500 made of it. So, if you like ritual ambient drones and you want to have this, you’d better hurry.

Lord Lycan/Heathen Harvest

«Nearby Being» is a collaborative effort between Russian ambient artists CLOSING THE ETERNITY and AD LUX TENEBRAE. Together they have created a ritual ambient world full of beautifully layered soundscapes, dark atmospheres and spherical drones that fans from all over the ambient realm can most likely enjoy. There is a handful of live instrumentation used here, involving everything ranging from cowbells, bells, wooden sticks, singing bowls, slamshells, and other Tibetan and handmade instruments. This release is enough to make any TROUM fan cream their panties.
«Nearby Being» is an album to manipulate one's consciousness. This is a wonderful shamanic effort to bring you down deep into another world that we are all familiar with in ourselves. Primal, back to the spheres of pre-existence. As the listener drifts through the many layers and drones intelligently put forth on «Nearby Being», they can find themselves drifting everywhere in time, even back through their own evolution as a less intelligent being, and back out into the unknown where cosmic interludes and tragedies are played in a timeless place unknown to humans. A place where planets collide and suns are still born anew. It takes us back to an emotionless existence, a voyage on where our own minds become sterile and all understanding and wants are forsaken. How trivial life in this era is when put down on the blackness of space. As we all scamper around as ants feeling like our lives and beings are truly important somehow, as people like George W. Bush take grasps on entire nations, when even they would be destroyed in a single cosmic flare. Truly, these droning experiences are always a reminder to me that this world is merely an illusion. We see blue daily and sleep at night. Humans don't look beyond because they fear to. Pain doesn't exist. But we focus so much on our own personal selfish experiences that we can't see to a greater truth.
Theres a certain comfort in the droning ambient that escapes into our aural senses. Almost like a loving warm embrace on a cold rainy day, or the memory of the way grandma's cookies smelled coming straight out of the oven. It almost feels like going home. An interesting concept... a voyage away from everything you've ever known to go home...even though home is in completely unknown territory. So to these two drone ambient masters I say congratulations, you have created something with actual feeling and warmth while still holding onto your ritualistic and spherical ideals. This is a fantastic droning effort, and limited to 500 copies in a beautiful digipack format, so get your copy while you still can. As always, Epidemie continues to impress.